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December 2016 Update: Instagram and Domain Forwarding Updates

Howdy This Deejay community!

First and foremost, our team would like to thank you for your continued support. Since we launched during the late 3rd quarter of this year, the feed back from you guys has been awesome.  You’ve really inspired us to push the limits with this system. We promise to continue to improve and provide you with the best possible user experience in a DJ website builder program.

With that being said, we will be dropping a monthly post updating you of new developments and bug fixes so you can stay on top of our game.  Here’s an update for December.

Instagram How-To Video

We heard that many of you are having trouble setting up your Instagram feeds.  We know the process is a little confusing so we created a How-To video for you to check out.  Hopefully this makes the set up process easier:

Updated Domain Forwarding Instructions

There has also been some confusion with regards to the domain forwarding.  We know many of you want to drop the ‘thisdeejay.com’ from your website URL’s but the process can take you for a loop.  We redesigned the domain forwarding page. We hope that it is simpler for you to follow. Please fill in the corresponding fields and we’ll take care of the rest:


Sneak Peak of 2017

We have a ton of new features coming to you in 2017 like lead capture triggers for downloading your mixes, ways for clients to send you playlists if needed and a way for you to accept payments through your site.  Stick around because we have some useful features on the way.

‘Til next year, have a Happy Holidays!

– This Deejay Team