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New 'Make A Request' Feature for This Deejay Websites!

We would like to announce a brand new feature to our This Deejay websites.  With a little creative enginuity I’m happy to announce that we’ve added a ‘Make A Request’ feature to our DJ’s websites.

DJ’s can now have their clients visit their website to create playlists for future events. New and existing DJ’s can now find a button added to their websites navigation called ‘Make A Request’ (view the sample below).


From there, users are taken to a playlist builder page where we’ve added some really cool features like:

  • Spotify Library – Having trouble remembering a song? We’re pulling from the Spotify API so you can now search their entire library and preview songs as you please.
  • Trends – Our algorithm tracks playlist submissions and builds recommended playlists based on trends.
  • Custom songs – Can’t find your song in our database? You can manually add it to the playlist.
  • Notes – Add notes to songs for special requests.
  • CSV upload – Don’t want to bother building a playlist? Just create one on a spreadsheet and upload it.
  • Autosave – Don’t have time to finish a playlist? The system autosaves your creation so you can come back to it later.  Hitting reset refreshes the list.
  • Email forwarding & playlist submission – Need to get everyone on the same page? You can forward the playlist to colleagues and coordinators. Submitting the playlist emails it to the DJ.


The snapshot of the new page is featured above but we recommend you take it for a test drive yourself.  Sign up now and check it out!