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Updated Designs to our Login and News Pages

We’re gearing up for a major revamp of our DJ dashboard. We know the damn thing looks a little clunky and dated so we’re going to be giving it a facelift. In preparation for the new overhaul, you will be seeing a few site wide updates in the coming weeks.  One of these updates just happened last week!  We’ve redesigned a few pages to make for a better user experience.

New Login/Forgot Password Pages


You read it right! Our original design for the login pages looked a little bootleg so we revamped it.  You no longer need to retype those unreadable letters in order to get access. It’s now a simple 1-click verify.

New News Page Design

this deejay blog

The design of our original blog looked pretty bad… So, we redesigned it!  The brand new look makes for easier readability.  Now it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date with our latest news and updates to the website.

New Footer Desgin


This last update isn’t a major one but we figure that we should give it an honorable mention.  We’ve updated our footer to the website to make it easier to navigate the site with links to all of our pages.  There is also a simple feed that features our latest news updates.  Lastly, we now have a contact form down there if you need to send us any questions.

We hope you like the updates.  If you have any ideas or recommendations for new updates, please let us know! We’re always looking to improve our website and systems.