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Music Links and Hiding Sections

We heard your requests and we’re listening! We’re happy to announce a few new features in the lead up to revamping our dashboard.  The first being music links.

Music Links

music links

We’ve received quite a few emails requesting a place to add mix descriptions and a field to download links.  In this month’s round of updates, we’re happy to announce that those features have been added. DJ’s can now embed the links of their mixes from their Soundcloud or Mixcloud, add descriptions to their ThisDeejay website and add a download URL so visitors can cop their mixes.

Hiding Sections

hide sections

Another popular feature that has been added to your ThisDeejay dashboard is hide section button.  No need to fret if you have sections of the website missing content.  You can now hide them so your website doesn’t look so empty.  Take your time to pop in the content and un-hide it when you’re ready to show the world.

Don’t worry, when you hide a section, it also hides it on your nav!

We’re continually working on new features and improvements to our system.  If you have any dope ideas, please send them our way at info@thisdeejay.com!