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What is This Deejay?
TDJ is a web technology that empowers DJs to create their very own web presence. No creative limits or coding required. Our very user friendly dashboard is designed to provide DJ’s with the basic necessities for a DJ website.

How much does it cost?
This Deejay starts at $19 a month. You can receive a discounted amount when you commit to multiple months.

When is my monthly billing date?
Your billing cycle falls on approximately the 30th day from the sign up date.

Can I cancel payment at any time?
Yes, you can. Simply click on the setting buttons on the dashboard and then click cancel account.

Do I own my site?
Yes and no. Yes, you own all of the assets and information you uploaded to the site. However, the site itself is the property of This Deejay. If you decide to cancel your service, you cannot take the site with you.

How many websites can I have per account?
You can only have 1 website per account.

What payment methods does This Deejay accept?
We accept all major credit cards.


How do I feature my mixes?
Currently This Deejay is set up to accommodate mixes posted to Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Simply upload your mix to one of those two platforms. Once uploaded, copy and paste the public URL link of your mix into the field labeled Soundcloud/Mixclound Link on the dashboard.

How many mixes can I add to my site?
You can add as many as you like. There is an ‘Add more songs’ button on the dashboard. Simply click that and add a new mix.

Can I change the template colors?
Yes, you absolutely can. There is a color swapper tool located in the dashboard. You can simply click and select your favorite color. Each section has a color swapper tool so you can play with whatever colors tickle your fancy.

Can I add and remove buttons?
You cannot add more buttons, only remove buttons. To remove a button, you simply leave the text field blank.

How can I use my own domain name for my website address?
There is a form on the dashboard for domain masking. Simply purchase your domain name from a service provider like Godaddy and load your login information into the system. We will manually set up the domain masking from our end. The process takes between 24-48 hours.

Does the site work on mobile and table devices?
Yes, the site is fully responsive and is compatible on mobile and tablet platforms.

How do I add my gigs?
There is a series of forms via the dashboard under Add Events to load your upcoming gigs. You have the option to add the date, venue, city, state and ticket link.