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What’s new in This Deejay? Just about everything and then some!

Soooooooooo much is new and improved in This Deejay. We’ve taken our best ideas, layered in years of customer insights and feedback, invented a bunch of new stuff, and put together the best version of This Deejay we’ve ever made.

Music Links and Hiding Sections

We heard your requests and we’re listening! We’re happy to announce a few new features in the lead up to revamping our dashboard.  The first being music links.

Music Links

music links

We’ve received quite a few emails requesting a place to add mix descriptions and a field to download links.  In this month’s round of updates, we’re happy to announce that those features have been added. DJ’s can now embed the links of their mixes from their Soundcloud or Mixcloud, add descriptions to their ThisDeejay website and add a download URL so visitors can cop their mixes.

Hiding Sections

hide sections

Another popular feature that has been added to your ThisDeejay dashboard is hide section button.  No need to fret if you have sections of the website missing content.  You can now hide them so your website doesn’t look so empty.  Take your time to pop in the content and un-hide it when you’re ready to show the world.

Don’t worry, when you hide a section, it also hides it on your nav!

We’re continually working on new features and improvements to our system.  If you have any dope ideas, please send them our way at info@thisdeejay.com!

Updated Designs to our Login and News Pages

We’re gearing up for a major revamp of our DJ dashboard. We know the damn thing looks a little clunky and dated so we’re going to be giving it a facelift. In preparation for the new overhaul, you will be seeing a few site wide updates in the coming weeks.  One of these updates just happened last week!  We’ve redesigned a few pages to make for a better user experience.

New Login/Forgot Password Pages


You read it right! Our original design for the login pages looked a little bootleg so we revamped it.  You no longer need to retype those unreadable letters in order to get access. It’s now a simple 1-click verify.

New News Page Design

this deejay blog

The design of our original blog looked pretty bad… So, we redesigned it!  The brand new look makes for easier readability.  Now it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date with our latest news and updates to the website.

New Footer Desgin


This last update isn’t a major one but we figure that we should give it an honorable mention.  We’ve updated our footer to the website to make it easier to navigate the site with links to all of our pages.  There is also a simple feed that features our latest news updates.  Lastly, we now have a contact form down there if you need to send us any questions.

We hope you like the updates.  If you have any ideas or recommendations for new updates, please let us know! We’re always looking to improve our website and systems.

New 'Make A Request' Feature for This Deejay Websites!

We would like to announce a brand new feature to our This Deejay websites.  With a little creative enginuity I’m happy to announce that we’ve added a ‘Make A Request’ feature to our DJ’s websites.

DJ’s can now have their clients visit their website to create playlists for future events. New and existing DJ’s can now find a button added to their websites navigation called ‘Make A Request’ (view the sample below).


From there, users are taken to a playlist builder page where we’ve added some really cool features like:

  • Spotify Library – Having trouble remembering a song? We’re pulling from the Spotify API so you can now search their entire library and preview songs as you please.
  • Trends – Our algorithm tracks playlist submissions and builds recommended playlists based on trends.
  • Custom songs – Can’t find your song in our database? You can manually add it to the playlist.
  • Notes – Add notes to songs for special requests.
  • CSV upload – Don’t want to bother building a playlist? Just create one on a spreadsheet and upload it.
  • Autosave – Don’t have time to finish a playlist? The system autosaves your creation so you can come back to it later.  Hitting reset refreshes the list.
  • Email forwarding & playlist submission – Need to get everyone on the same page? You can forward the playlist to colleagues and coordinators. Submitting the playlist emails it to the DJ.


The snapshot of the new page is featured above but we recommend you take it for a test drive yourself.  Sign up now and check it out!

New DJ Website Setup Product

You’re DJ’s, not web designers, and we get it! That’s why we’re happy to announce a new DJ Website Builder product to make it even easier for you to set up your This Deejay website.  The process is really simple:

If you have an existing account, click the signup link, then select and purchase our Website Builder product.

If you’re a new customer, simply click on the sign up button, choose a plan and make sure to click the ‘Website Setup Service’ under your Summary.

After purchasing you’re taken to a form where you will need to upload some collateral for us to use when designing your website.  Just upload some photos, bio, links to mixes and some gigs. Then you’re good to go! It takes us 2-4 days to get a design created and loaded to your website.  At that point, you can go in and make edits as you please.

If you don’t have a lot of photos, or your photos aren’t that high res, we can either pull some stock images to supplement your design or make some Photoshop magic to spruce up your look.

In the event that you don’t like the design, you are allowed 1 redesign.  After that, you will need to purchase the product again for additional looks.


December 2016 Update: Instagram and Domain Forwarding Updates

Howdy This Deejay community!

First and foremost, our team would like to thank you for your continued support. Since we launched during the late 3rd quarter of this year, the feed back from you guys has been awesome.  You’ve really inspired us to push the limits with this system. We promise to continue to improve and provide you with the best possible user experience in a DJ website builder program.

With that being said, we will be dropping a monthly post updating you of new developments and bug fixes so you can stay on top of our game.  Here’s an update for December.

Instagram How-To Video

We heard that many of you are having trouble setting up your Instagram feeds.  We know the process is a little confusing so we created a How-To video for you to check out.  Hopefully this makes the set up process easier:

Updated Domain Forwarding Instructions

There has also been some confusion with regards to the domain forwarding.  We know many of you want to drop the ‘thisdeejay.com’ from your website URL’s but the process can take you for a loop.  We redesigned the domain forwarding page. We hope that it is simpler for you to follow. Please fill in the corresponding fields and we’ll take care of the rest:


Sneak Peak of 2017

We have a ton of new features coming to you in 2017 like lead capture triggers for downloading your mixes, ways for clients to send you playlists if needed and a way for you to accept payments through your site.  Stick around because we have some useful features on the way.

‘Til next year, have a Happy Holidays!

– This Deejay Team


ThisDeejay.com Helps DJs Customize Their Websites

ThisDeejay.com has just launched. It is the first and only website designed by DJs for DJs who want to build their own dedicated websites.

ThisDeejay.com will help DJs consolidate their mixes, podcasts, gig dates, social media, and all other marketing information in one place. No coding knowledge is necessary to use the technology. ThisDeejay.com is designed to allow DJs unlimited creative range.

Add and edit information quickly. Upload sound and image files easily. Save time and stay on budget. ThisDeejay.com is optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop.